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Tsushima's Favorite Ghost

HEY! Sorry, just want to put a note here saying this is not a travel blog about the real-life Tsushima, it's about the one in that game.

Hey there! It’s me again, with another travel blog *winky face*

Today, I want to transport you to a place that feels like a dream come true. Picture waters of sweet blues and languid greens, vibrant landscapes, and a tranquility that instantly washes away the worries of everyday life. Welcome to the captivating island of Tsushima*, where nature's highs and lows unfold before your eyes.

Join me on this virtual journey as we discover the unspoiled beauty, bountiful fishing opportunities, and remarkable wildlife that make Tsushima a hidden gem.

"Really, some beautfiul scenes here."

Natural Wonders

As I stepped onto the sands of Tsushima, I was instantly mesmerized by the island's natural beauty. The air carried the scent of the ocean mingled with the sweet aroma of exotic flowers, and the gentle breeze whispered secrets only nature knows.

The coastline stretched for miles, adorned with pristine beaches that beckoned me to gaze long over the cool blue waters.

One of Tsushima's greatest treasures is its abundance of life. The first thing I noticed was the birdlife, then the cutest foxes (so playful, lol.) There are so many beautiful lakes and mountains that I couldn’t even name all the wildlife we saw while I was here. Oh, that’s right, I’m here with a man again. He’s called Jin.

The island's warm outer waters are home to playful dolphins and, in certain seasons, migrating whales passing by on their remarkable journey. Which reminds me, there are some gorgeous fishing villages here.

"morning mist, yawning but happy"

Fisherman's Paradise

You know I seek adventure on the open sea, and Tsushima offers an unparalleled fishing experience. The island boasts a rich variety of fish species, making it a true angler's paradise (or so they say, anyway). I’m not exactly a seasoned fisherman, nor is Jin, but we were captivated by the endless possibilities that lie beneath the surface.

As we set sail with a local fisherman, the anticipation grew with every passing moment. The sea breeze tousled our hair as we glided across the tranquil waters. The experienced captain guided us to the best fishing spots, revealing his secrets and sharing stories of the bountiful catches he’d witnessed over the years.

With the sun casting its warm glow upon us, I cast my line into the depths below. Moments later, a huge tug signaled that I had hooked a fish. The fight was exhilarating, the fish put up a valiant struggle, I can tell you.

As I reeled it in, a sense of accomplishment washed over me. There’s nothing like seeking the thrill of landing a marlin or the meditative calm of casting your line into the endless horizon, That’s what the captain said, so I guess it was right (this is all code for, “we had a lots of drinks and fun” XD)

"Coastal delights... definitely made it back to shore at least" XD

Wildlife Encounters and Untamed Delights

Beyond its captivating shores and vibrant underwater world (lol okay I’ll stop the tour guide thing now.) Tsushima is home to an array of extraordinary wildlife. A lot of the island's beauty is hidden in its most wild and untamed spots. Nature enthusiasts like us call it paradise, teeming with diverse flora and fauna, both on land and in the air.

We ventured into the heart of the island's multi-coloured forests, where vibrant bird species fill the air with melodic symphonies. A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters around, their delicate wings carrying all the colors of the rainbow.

Tsushima's dense forests are also inhabited by playful tamarins swinging from tree to tree, and if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive “Po Tato Shiize” (that’s how Jin said I SWEAR) stealthily prowling through the undergrowth.

One of the island's hidden gems is the mesmerizing sunset ritual of the fireflies. As dusk settles, thousands of tiny, twinkling lights fill the night sky, creating an enchanting spectacle that seems straight out of a fairytale.

It's a moment that left us breathless, and grateful for the chance to catch a rare moment in the dusk light together. Jin goes out a lot at night, but that’s a story for next time.


P.S. Sorry to dissappoint anyone, but this doesn't have a stream to go with it yet. C'est la vie.

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