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Saint or Sinner, Part 1

Hi again, only me.

I've got another thing going on over on my streaming channel right now. You may or may not have heard of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2: Retribution, but it's the sequel to my favorite VR game, which had fewer colons.

So, what you probably don't know either, is that I frickadeedoodally love it. Ha, confusing. It doesn't matter though, because once again, this is one of those posts about things I love.

Let me fill you in first though. My first two streams of this game have absolutely no commentary. That wasn't intentional, exactly. What it does have is a lot of arm flailing, gesturing, standing in one spot rambling, and straight up Saints & Sinners action. So, I'm doing the rest of the series like that, too.

Anyway, on to why this is an article called part 1. This is a tour, of the first game, the new game, and the Tourist's (and my) experiences in there. Expect screenshots, rambling, and links to my most recent VODs at the bottom.

Oh, I should also mention that this isn't in any way an explanation of the game.

BUT it is going to cover the whole game. If you don't want to be spoiled on any part of TWD:S&S:ch2:Retribution, don't read it yet!

"Welcome to the new NOLA"

A good tour starts with finding a tour guide. Fortunately, we don't really need to worry about that. Well, you might, but that's fine - listen to the fella at the campfire.

Our tour will start in the same place it always does. On the boat, on the road, on the way somewhere. That's where the Tourist always starts. I was on a scavenging run but things went bad, had to get home once again.

"Our new Resting Place"

To cut a long story short, I was tired and I needed rest. So did the Tourist, so our goals aligned. It didn't matter that the night was coming, (Or upon us, whichever.) We had a little nightcap together and it was off to bed. A good start to the tour.

Oh, also a lot of people died in between those two bits. Well, former people, I don't remember shooting any living ones, anyway.

That's kind of why we're here. Find supplies, clear the dead, help the living. Seems like it's gonna take a while.

"NOLA by night"

No, really, the tourist isn't here to have fun. That means I don't have much choice. I can steer him in the right direction when he thinks he's following ghosts, though.

What drives him forward is up to both of us. Yet, somehow, I feel like he has the final say. It's his life, after all. He said we saw May Benoit in the swamp today. I was more concerned with everything else, bodies, "Reclaimed" and "Tower" still going at it.

He said he doesn't care. I know he does, though. He took the light off the runner when he thought the Tower would shoot.

After that, he just sat there looking around. So did I, there was a lot going on. Until we got home. I'm already calling it home, but it's his, really. We've shared it before, but he keeps on adding to it.

"Tower and Reclaimed both shoot" - Memories from our last tour

The bus was nice, I don't want to piss anyone off, but the crypt is gorgeous. You can tell he put so much love and care into his redecorating. I thought it was sweet, but I don't think he did it for me.

Well, that doesn't matter, we had a nice sleep and it's a brand new day today. So, I'll stop writing here.

~ TTFN, D. A. O

Link 1 - Stream VOD Part 1 -

Link 2 - Youtube Version -

Part 2 has already been streamed ~ available on Twitch

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