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Saint or Sinner, Part 2

Hi again,

Part 2 of the stream was already recorded when I started writing this series, so here's an early next part. (If that didn't make sense, read Saint or Sinner, Part 1 here.) This series, along with a couple of others that are already scheduled, will be coming to you on a weekly basis from here on.

For anyone new who doesn't want to read part 1, we're following me (and the Tourist) on a little NOLA sight-seeing tour.

Okay, wow, this won't make sense but I kind of have to start at the end here. I just had the most intense experience with the Tourist, we got in a gunfight, with a bar, I think there might have even been piano music.

No, wait, okay. That isn't what the most interesting part is, they shot at us cause they wanted some big hunk of metal from an old radio station. Wait. Sorry, I was so excited, I can hardly catch my breath.

I'll start at the beginning of our second day.

"Thanks for the tunes, Jester"

Starting straight off the skiff we found ourselves in Bywater. I had no idea why we were there, so I picked up some assorted rubbish and put it in my pockets, as I do. He, on the other hand, had to find every little scrap of useful stuff in every corner.

It was okay, I guess. I found some shiny things, and he gave me a trumpet he found. The Tourist is kinda sweet once you wipe off the blood. There were a few zombies, but he was keeping us safe. I like to have fun with them, but he likes to play along for me too. You should have seen him slicing heads and puppeteering corpses, just like the good old days.

"oops, sorry, gore-y pic"

"Yeah, he kinda doesn't stop"

To be fair, I've never been one for all-action daytime activities when I'm on tour. The Tourist, however, is unstoppable. You should see how much stuff he added to his "resting place" since I got here. I'm not kidding.

It was our nighttime activities that really got me excited today though. We went looking for a.. thing, I don't know. The Tourist was all cagey, but, wow. I couldn't believe how beautiful the city is at night, and the zombies. Oh, that probably sounded a bit weird. He makes them all purple with his special flashlight. There, that's that one explained.

"See, beautiful" ~ in a way, lol

It got kinda scary, not gonna lie. The tourist found a way into an old recording studio. It was cool! A bit run down, lots of spare noodles, few zombies - a nice place. Then he jumped through a hole in the floor and I didn't see him again until he started blasting zombies away with his (t)rusty 9mm.

"He hates the bodycam I got him"

We turned in and got a good night's rest after all that. The Tourist looked a little chewed up, but he told me his scratches heal quickly. (Who am I to argue? *shrugs*) Anyway, the next day topped the night's entertainment.

"The Tourist must have taken this one, who the heck wears entrails? I like the candlelight, though"

We started off in a bar, toured Bourbon street, and ended up in a radio station. Oh, that's where the big gunfight happened! I hid behind a big desk, it was one of those situations where the Tourist jumps down a big hole in the floor, again.

I didn't mind so much this time, to be honest. I could see through the crumbling floor of the station and the action was hot! I even saw a grenade go off, I mean, can you believe it? Who's seen a grenade actually go off and been a safe distance away and lived? Me, that's who, the Tourist was not a safe distance away. Our thanks to the big ol' radio station desk, I guess.

Oh, yeah, go back to the beginning for the rest of this bit, ha ha, just kidding.


YouTube Version: Saint or Sinner Part 2

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