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Saint or Sinner, Part 3

Hey readers, welcome to part 3, Let's get right into our "good tour" of TWD: S&S: Ch2: Retribution's NOLA.

"Eww, you got zombies all in it"

Hi again, It's me... the other guy, haha jk, I'm still with the Tourist, we're playing "hide-and-seek" again.

The tourist went out alone, the night I left you at last time. We've been venturing out at night a lot more together the last couple of days, That first one sounded scary, though. I'm a little glad I wasn't there, a little.

Let me tell you how he tells it. The little snap I sent you with this? He says that's how many zombies were left to chase him to his boat! Ha! I don't know, might be true though. Apparently, there was a big bell that kept ringing and ringing. (That draws the zombies in, don'tcha know.)

He said there was horde after horde, and that it wasn't even the zombies that scared him. That's right, scared him. (His words, not mine.) It was the people.

"A forgetable night, apparently"

It was a real warzone, he said. Tower fighting zombies, reclaimed and exiles fighting zombies, everyone fighting each other. Gunfire, explosions, and that bell ringing non-stop. The weirdest thing: he said he went there just to pick up a note for someone. I worry for him sometimes, but he's just so damn tough. He didn't look it when he came back that night though.

Anyway, the next day was much brighter. Literally, the sun was shining and we were shanking zombies just like old times. Good stuff. Oh, hey by the way. They floodlit the church nearby at night now, it looks incredible.

"Can't even remember if I sent this already, lol"

When the sun's shining, me and the tourist like to make hay. Real hay, by which I mean, chopping off zombie heads and picking up random fun stuff we find. Really, you wouldn't believe how many beautiful instruments have just been left to rot with the zombies.

It's sad, really, we've seen whole bars and venues abandoned like the band had to split without their stuff. You know that's not good. I'm collecting some, the tourist helps me take them back to his place for restoration. It's one of the nicer parts of the trip, I have to admit.

"Not just instruments, obviously"

Our night trips are getting heavy, more zombies, more "scavengers" like us around, too. It's been good(-ish) so far. That reminds me, the tourist is teaching me things now, how to craft, how to spot things other don't. How to... eat a big beetle... I think that one might have been a joke now that I've written it down.

I've got some stylish new gloves though, can't complain about that. He says he'll teach me how to make guns, and stuff. You should see him at a bench. You can barely see his hands move. I swear he's some kind of wizard with technical stuff.

"He took this weird photo for me, too"

The last night, you don't want to know. let's just say it involved more shooting and sneaking and scares and... I'm tired. "We play during the day, now we hunt at night" - That's a direct quote from the Tourist. Frickin' chills, dude.


Thanks for Reading, original stream available on Twitch

Highlight VODs available on YouTube

See ya later for the next one ;-) DAO (LOL, part 4 is also already on Twitch, obviously)

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