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Saint or Sinner 4

Hey readers, welcome back to part 4, Let's get right into our "good tour" of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2: Retribution's NOLA. You can find the accompanying streams by scrolling to the end... or clicking this here image:

"The city might be getting a little worse"

Hi you! Sorry about my last postcard, I was dead on my feet. I'm getting used to the nightlife here, slowly. It's a lot of fun, even if we're making our own. The Tourist gets wild at night, wild and untamed. *salubrious winky face*

Ahem, anyway... I think he's getting comfortable with me again, he keeps introducing me to his friends. A couple of nights ago we went out all night and he found a friend in the weirdest of places. She's called Patricia, we didn't talk much but she's helping the Tourist while we help her. That's what he says, anyway.

"A pretty little nighttime hangout he showed me"

Okay, that's way too cryptic. Sorry, he's been showing me his investigation skills and I'm still playing detective! Did I tell you he has a UV flashlight? Yes, okay, Patricia. She's going to help us meet a useful man called "Billy Bolt-Coutte," I think. We need some dead rats, and a thing, and then some other stuff. It's a solid deal, believe me.

Don't get all judgy on me about that last part either, barter is the culture here. We also ran into a group of real party people in a flat share, they didn't want us to join the fun though. He was upset so he stuck around to complain, but I just walked out (uugghh, so awkward.)

"She didn't say call me 'Tricia, but I did get that vibe from her, you know?"

So, stay with me, this is where the fun part starts. When the Tourist walked back out of that place, his eyes were glazed and he had the biggest smile on his face. After that, everything turned into a real trip. *pharmaceutically induced winky face*

I think he was, you know, "on one" as they say. After that, he kept babbling about Henri and the Tower, saying we had to "Save the exiles to save everyone." I have no idea what he means. I did help him hand out some flyers in the end. I know it doesn't sound like a barrel of laughs now that I write it out, maybe we were both "on one." *giggles*

"Helping out in the community"

The end of the night kinda went bad though. It always does when you stay out too long... am I right? Heh, me and the Tourist lost each other for a while. Again, really, why does he keep doing this, do you think? Is it really coincidence?

I had to deal with a horde of zombies, but the lovely new gloves came in handy, I really didn't know their heads were so... squishy? Is that the right word? Gooey, maybe? Either way, my new leather gloves look great.

He said he found another body. I don't know how he tells apart the ones that he's looking for from all the others, but somehow he can. He was "on the trail" after that, but we didn't find any traces of the big guy this time.

"I don't think this was him, cool hat though"

We did visit the producers office in that radio station before heading home this time (Also again, just for you). The equipment in there is to die for, you'd be in heaven (Audio nerd, haha got you.) But seriously, old school desks, boards, and decks. Instruments everywhere. I didn't even know it was still in use. This city never ceases to amaze me.

I know, I know, sometimes I repeat myself, but you gotta see it, just look at the photo I sent. I mean now.

"He said no lights except the torch, but I think it's atmospheric, anyway"

Getting out wasn't so easy. Some idiot set a bell off so the streets were thick with walking corpses. You should have seen the Tourist, slicing them, shooting them, throwing them into each other like bowling pins, it was a sight to behold.

He showed me a neat trick, too. He strapped some firecrackers to an arrow, them shot it into a zombie. The display was beautiful but we didn't stick around long to watch. He's no fun sometimes. Good at distractions though. 'Tricia had escaped by the time we got back to her... good thing, that.

"At least I'm in safe hands on these streets"

Wow, sorry. These last few days have been so eventful, I had to tell you everything about this one night in vivid detail. This tour is really coming together. I know you're lonely back there without any zombies to maim yourself. So, let me just conclude by reassuring you it's not all sunshine and zombie brains over here.

When we got back to the bus, I think the Tourist was "coming down." He kept raving about the bus being "hot" or "bugged" or what-have-you. He was fiddling with his decorations while he mumbled away to himself about the Tower. "Always watching," he said. Damn creepy when you can see the thing from the window, let me tell you.

"I swear it moved on it's own. No, it wasn't the wind"

Then, he started conducting to a tune playing on the radio, and everything seemed to calm down after that. We settled in for the night shortly after, but the whole thing still worried me you know. He's all there... but then sometimes he's not. It's weird, right?


P.S. Having said all that, I saw a note fly away all on it's own the other day, so who knows?

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy yourselves on this blog.

Extended media time! The accompanying streams can be found at Twitch/dtbvidyagames and YouTube

(FAQ P.S. Some people wonder why I don't embed the streams in the articles. TL;DR, this is a nice relaxed blog attached to my professional services site, and it's more efficient for page load speed. It improves the experience for most users.)

The links work too, just sayin'...) ;-) ~ DAO

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