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Introducing My Services (Updated)

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hi again,

I'm launching my services pages around the time this blog post goes live! So, I wanted to give a little introduction on who I am, my services, and why you should use my writing, editing, and digital media creation skills to help your brand. (Or yourself, that's fine, too.)

Introducing my Services

Let's start with where I started out my freelance career, writing.

Writing Services

Since 2016, I've been writing for myself. While it started out as a sidejob, working with gaming blogs on reviews, news, and features, I've grown this side of my business into my main source of freelance income.

Since then I've written on-site copy for businesses, SEO-focused blog content, CTA-focused product page content, the whole range of on-site business text optimisation. I've worked on a wide range of general interest topics too, crafting everything from magazine copy to product descriptions, and a lot in-between.

With the background out of the way, you might wonder how this makes me different to a lot of other content creators and writers. Well, that's what I'm here to tell you. My background spanning business, finance, tech, gaming, and lifestyle content has made me a very versatile writer.

My passion with writing lies in working with clients to craft the exact content they need. I like to do this with open dialogue, frequent project check-ins, and a good dose of listening on my end.

You might wonder why you should work directly with a writer, when media agencies exist that want to provide addtional services, too. Well, I can't tell you exactly what your business needs, maybe you're medium-to-large enterprise sized and you need a software specialist to help your on-site content.

Yet, if you're looking for a more personal, hand-crafted approach to engaging on-site content, then working directly with a professional writer can save you both costs and time.

With larger organisations, dialogue often happens through layers of account management, customer support, and maybe even more teams and representatives. My service offers guaranteed service levels and direct dialogue with the person who is actually writing your content. Only you can decide whether that's more valuable for your writing needs.

Since this is just a friendly introduction, please visit my new Services Page for more information on my standard rates, and feel free to message me with any questions.

Now, Introducing my Editing Services

My background in editing mostly covers on-site news content. But, I have some experience with copy and line editing from more recent work, and I'm adding this this new service to the site. So, let me offer a little explanation.

I offer copy and line editing services as standard. I'm also happy to offer developmental suggestion BUT my only experience comes from writing my own work and soft-editing others. So, what I'm offering is totally optional developmental advice at no extra charge alongside my copy and line editing service.

Special Offer

As an incentive for aspiring writers, I'm offering 10,000 words of copy, line, and optional developmental editing free of charge. This offer is only open to the first few clients who contact me.

*Please note, this offer is designed for debut writers looking for long-form editing. All writers are free to message me with requests, but please don't be disappointed if you aren't selected. I'm happy to discuss any and all writing projects, so reach out if you need a new editor to work with, too.

Digital Media Creation

What the heck does that mean?

Well, alongside my writing I create a lot of digital artwork for thumbnails, mostly using in-game screenshots and original designs. That means, if you need artwork for your articles, on-site thumbnails, banners, and more. I can help. Business cards, posters, leaflets are also available, as is my audio and video work (more to come on this later.)

Please don't hesitate to use my contact form for more information if you have any queries or project requests.

I also run a Twitch channel, as well as an accompanying YouTube channel, where lightly-edited VODs of the original streams are often available. If you're into games and want to check those out, you might also like my accompanying blog, which I'll be updating as I continue to get the site launch finalised.

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